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Bukit Mata Seafood

You may ask anybody in Kuching, where is the best place for dinner...absolutely the answer is Bukit Mata Seafood which is also known as Top Spot among Kuching people. You may choose various type of, crab, prawn & etc...
Price???I can bet you this is the cheapest seafood in Kuching...
I'm having dinner here last night with my wife & it's just cost me Rm100 for a Chilli Sauce Crab with egg, deep fried squid, butter prawn, "ambal" curry(famous in Sarawak), mix vege, 2 rice & drinks..........& it's end up with take away because the amount of each menu actually for 4 ;)............

The most popular seafood destination in Kuching Sarawak
I choose this stall & it certified Halal by Jakim
Open air concept
Among the menu which was ordered by me. On the left is butter prawn, right is mix vege & far be hid is "ambal" curry