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Spent my time to enjoy scenery in Sarikei yesterday evening...Sarikei is a small town where i was grown up twenty plus years ago...and it's keep lot of memory during my childhood...........
Sarikei is located approximately 350km from Sarawak capital city, Kuching. It's took 4-5 hrs driving from Kuching.

Quiet & calm town

Trip to Sibu...

Been to Sibu yesterday which is located approximately 400km from Kuching & took about 5-6 hrs driving...I spent a night at TanahMas Hotel which cost me RM180 per night for a deluxe room. Unfortunately i wasn't able to capture lot of photo during the stay...probably tired after driving continuously from Kuching...I just took one after wake up in the morning...;)
Sibu is the town where i was born 31years ago... ;)

Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Some photo from my room during the stay at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur last week.......

Sematan Palm Beach Resort

Thinking of getting away from Kuching during weekend? Sematan Palm Beach Resort offer those needs. It's located approximately 120km from Kuching which is about 1 and half hours travelling on road. I spent 1 night here last weekend & honestly this place really awesome.

For further details refer or Facebook page Sematan Palm Beach Resort.

A peaceful & quiet environment

Sematan Palm Beach Resort


Having lovely 2 weeks off is the best time for me to practice my photography. Reading materials on photography took much time from me as well as practicing it. As of now, i don't have any opportunity to attend any photography courses.
Due to that, trial & error is the only teacher for me to enhance my photography right now. Currently i read a lot of material related to light. You may find some good information on light from below link.

Hard Light & Low Key

Back to reality

Time to face reality after having about 2 weeks off. As usual, i'll be back to Miri to perform my duty. I had been a frequent traveller since i starting my career with one of oil & gas company 7 years ago. Normally i'll fly twice per month between Kuching & Miri. Despite of current situation on missing MH370, i still beleive flying remain the safest mode of transportation. My pray is always with all the passenger & crew safety. ##Pray for MH370

Passenger waiting for boarding at Kuching International Airport

Me while waiting for boarding

Kuching India Street

Another photo shown people at Kuching India Street...I wish to make another come back here to take some more photo soon.

Kuching India Street

Around the india street at Kuching...will upload more photo soon...

Bukit Mata Seafood

You may ask anybody in Kuching, where is the best place for dinner...absolutely the answer is Bukit Mata Seafood which is also known as Top Spot among Kuching people. You may choose various type of, crab, prawn & etc...
Price???I can bet you this is the cheapest seafood in Kuching...
I'm having dinner here last night with my wife & it's just cost me Rm100 for a Chilli Sauce Crab with egg, deep fried squid, butter prawn, "ambal" curry(famous in Sarawak), mix vege, 2 rice & drinks..........& it's end up with take away because the amount of each menu actually for 4 ;)............

The most popular seafood destination in Kuching Sarawak

Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur

I've been on company business trip to Kuala Lumpur last week together with my colleague. As usual, I prefer to stay at Grand Millenium Hotel located at Bukit Bintang KL. It's offer not only 5 star service but offer 5 star staff as well.

Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower

Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower by ahim yamada

Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower, a photo by ahim yamada on Flickr.
Had an opportunity to visit here last week. KL Twin Tower also known as Petronas Twin Tower was officially open 1st August 1999. It is a significant landmark for Kuala Lumpur.